8. Providing Psychosocial Care: Part 1

Develop your understanding of psychosocial care

Palliative care is holistic care - which means it supports all aspects of a person. It's more than just physical care


Develop ways to maintain a psychosocial perspective when providing care, using the VERS strategy. Learn about common transitions during decline, and ways to provide psychosocial support for the person and family. Build skills in supporting the person and family through the decline of dementia.

Learn the essential role of the PSW in supporting advance care planning.


Course Overview


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to holistically support the psychosocial needs of the dying person and family.
  • Demonstrate how to support the person and family through transitions in decline.
  • Explain the terms and concepts: advance care planning, serious illness conversations, and substitute decision maker.
  • Discuss how to support the dying person’s wishes through to death by integrating a palliative approach and through understanding of the PSWs role in advance care planning.
  • Explain the role of advance care planning in Indigenous communities and ways to support a person wishing to create an advance care plan.
  • Demonstrate ways to advocate for the incorporation of the values and beliefs of the person and their designated family into the care plan.
  • Discuss the challenges for the person and family when their loved one is dying with dementia.



In this course you will need:

  1. Access to a printer for course documents
  2. A writing journal or notebook for writing reflections and course notes.


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Module 1: What is Psychosocial Care?

Learn about the meaning of the terms, psychosocial care and the psychosocial perspective. Develop your understanding, through story and examples, of the holistic nature of psychosocial care.

Module 2: Using the VERS Strategy for Providing Psychosocial Care

VERS is a 4 step strategy for ensuring you maintain a psychosocial perspective when providing care. Learn ways to validate, explore, respond and share information when providing holistic care.

Module 3: Providing Psychosocial Support Both Through Transitions and with Dementia

As a person declines, there are transitions commonly experienced in the decline. During transitions, the psychosocial needs of the person and family change. Develop skills for communicating and supporting the person and family through common transitions, as well as through the decline of dementia.

Module 4: The PSW's Role in Advance Care Planning

Develop your understanding of the PSW's role in supporting advance care planning.

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