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PACE for PSWs Collection

Enrolling in the Collection will help you to build skills in providing palliative care, develop best practices for communicating, understand ways to support cultural safety, and integrate a palliative approach for any person experiencing life-limiting illness.

Courses were written and developed specifically for PSWs/HCAs, to strengthen their capacity, comfort and confidence in providing palliative care.


Whether you are working in the community, in long-term care or acute care, every person on the health care team needs to know how to integrate a palliative approach and support a dying person and their family.

The PACE for PSWs Course Collection was written specifically for PSWs, HCAs, CCAs to build their knowledge and skills for integrating a palliative approach, including:

  • Understanding changes in dying over the past century and how those changes affect the care provided
  • Developing best practices for communicating
  • Maintaining therapeutic boundaries
  • Building self-awareness
  • Supporting dignity and providing compassionate care
  • Supporting physical comfort for common symptoms of decline and dying
  • Understanding ways to support cultural safety
  • Supporting the dying person and their family through losses, grief, dying and death
  • Working effectively as a member of the health care team

Registration for the PACE for PSWs Course Collection includes these ten courses:

  • "I don't know what to say": Preparing to Care, Communicate and Connect
  • Integrating a Palliative Approach to Support People to Live as they Die
  • 'Being with' and 'ways of being': Boundaries and the Family Dance
  • Supporting Physical Comfort: Part 1 - Using Standardized Tools, Principles, and Managing Pain
  • Supporting Physical Comfort: Part 2 - Dyspnea, Anorexia and Cachexia, Nausea and Vomiting, and Delirium
  • Caring for Self While You Care for Others
  • An Indigenous Lens to Providing Culturally Safe Care
  • Supporting Psychosocial Needs: Part 1 - Transitions, Dementia, ACP
  • Supporting Psychosocial Needs: Part 2 - Loss and Grief
  • Last Days and Hours


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Successfully complete the ten courses to receive a National Certificate in Palliative Care


Introducing the Collection

This module provides orientation to navigating in the PACE for PSWs program, and the requirements for obtaining a National Certificate in Palliative Care.

This module provides a guided orientation to learning in the PACE for PSWs program.

It is highly recommended that all students complete the orientation, as the majority of common questions asked by new students are answered in the orientation.

You will also learn what is required to obtain your national certificate.

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